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School starts again on Monday 15th April for all children.
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Week 9 - Rapunzel

This week we focused our learning around the story of Rapunzel. We read the story and discussed the characters and their feelings, linking this to our Zones of Regulation.


The children retold the story using a story map. They each drew one part of the story and then wrote the initial sounds in some words.


We learnt more about hairdressers to help us engage in our role-play area. We acted out the different parts of their job, such as washing the hair, cutting it, dying it, giving a blow-dry, curling hair, having to sweep up the floor to keep it clean, work at the reception taking money and giving receipts, answering the phones to make appointments and deciding on hairstyles with customers.

The children used 3D shapes to make a tower just like Rapunzel’s. They were naming the shapes and using mathematical language to example why they had chosen that shape. For example, “that cube has a flat face so it balances. We can’t put the sphere, it has a curved face, so it rolls away.”

The children selected their favourite character from the story and then painted them, thinking about the shapes they should use for each part of the body. They used their paintbrushes to create closed shapes with continuous lines and to add more complexity and detail in their painting.

We learn the ‘p’ sound this week. We were recognising the sound in the pack, saying it correctly ( a short puff of air from the lips, with no mouth sound), and forming it correctly. The children made ‘silly’ soup to help them identify the initial sounds in objects and were oral blending with ‘p’ words.


We carried out our half termly assessments to review the children’s progress.


We celebrated Mad Hair Day, the children enjoyed having their crazy hair for the day, and looking at all of the different creative ways their friends had their hair.