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Year 5


This term, Year 5 will be learning about Judaism. During this topic, children will identify some of the key aspects of worship in Judaism using appropriate vocabulary. The children will discuss similarities and differences between Jewish worship and worship in other religions. They will recall key features found in a synagogue and explain the importance of each item. In addition, they will also explain in detail the physical aspects of a synagogue and how worship takes place inside. Children will identify and talk about their role in communities and recognise some of the rituals relating to becoming a member of the Jewish community. They will learn about the festival of Pesach (Passover), celebration of Shabbat and special food called challah to mark the celebration.


This term in religious education children looked at the world through the viewpoint of a humanist. It was in this topic children were exposed to a different way of thinking that may differ from that of their own. A humanist believes in science and logical thinking, we then looked at famous humanist such as Charles Darwin and Marie Curie and delved into what their beliefs were.