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Week 8- We're Going on a Leaf Hunt

This week we have based our learning around the stories, ‘We’re Going on a leaf hunt,’ and ‘Hovis the Hedgehog.’ We have been learning all about the changes we see in Autumn. The children learnt about the changes in the weather, the trees, seeds, and fruit. They learnt about animals that work hard during Autumn to prepare for the winter.


We went on an Autumn walk for children to see and talk about the changes they could see. The children picked their own Autumn leaves. We used some of the items we collected to make a sensory bin. We described the size, shape and textures and our friends tried to guess what we had. We did some oral blending with syllables to place the objects back in the sensory bin.

We learnt a little about hedgehogs and their habitats. We discussed how hedgehogs spines feel and came up with some great adjectives! We learnt about how they protect themselves. We made clay hedgehog using out fine motor skills to roll the clay into a ball and then pinched to make the shape of their nose. We counted the amount of matchsticks we would use for the spines.


We made some handprint hedgehogs, focusing on spreading our hands out to make the, “spikey spines.”


This Week we also learnt about Diwali. The children learnt about different ways people celebrate this festival and compared them to their own birthday or religious celebrations. They made their own colourful salt dough by measuring ingredients and mixing them together. The children rolled out the dough and moulded it into a diva shape using their hands and tools. They then decorate them with gems.

We used colourful pasta to make our own rangoli patterns.

We also learnt about Remembrance day and made our own handprint poppies.