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Heathrow Primary School, Harmondsworth Lane, Sipson, West Drayton, Middlesex, UB7 0JQ

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Heathrow Primary School

Year 5

Autumn 1

These accomplished young chefs have truly excelled in the culinary world! They have not only delved into the details of beef production but have also showcased their creativity by researching and transforming traditional recipes. Their culinary expertise extends beyond just flavour, as they are skilled at enhancing the nutritional value of dishes through ingredient selection. And if you're craving a mouth-watering plate of Bolognese, these children can whip up a delectable version that'll have your taste buds dancing. With a solid understanding of beef production, recipe adaptation, nutrition, and culinary techniques, these children are ready to take on the world of cooking with confidence and finesse.

Autumn 2

Mechanical systems: Making pop-up book 4

As technicians, children created a functional four-page pop-up storybook design. They used lever, sliders, layers and spacers to create paper-based mechanisms. Children also learned how to use layers and spacers to hide the workings of mechanical parts for an aesthetically pleasing result. At the end of the unit children evaluated their work and also suggested points for improvement.


In Spring term, children explored the different examples of motorized products to understand their uses. Children learned how we use motors in electrical products. They investigated an existing product to determine the factors that affects the product’s form and function Children also applied the findings from research to develop a unique product. At the end, they developed a DIY kit for another individual to assemble their product.


Summer 1

Digital World: Monitoring devices


This term, children explored the thermometer’s history. They researched key animal facts to write an informed design criteria for an animal monitoring device. Children also used makecode, and programmed an animal monitor to alert the owner when the ambient temperature was too hot or cold. Children also used plastic building bricks to develop creative and unique models for a micro:bit case. Finally, they compared the paper and 3D computer- aided design modelling and explored new essential skills required to place, manoeuvre and combine 3D objects in Tinkercad. 


Summer 2

Structures: bridges


As technicians, children explored different ways to reinforce structures (bridges) They understood the difference between stronger and weaker shapes. Children also identified beam, arch and truss bridges and described how strong different bridges are. Children learned how to use different tools to cut the wood.