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Year 3


This term in Computing Year 3 have explored the tools in Scratch to create an animation of the nursery rhyme Jack be Nimble. They familiarised themselves with Scratch and understood how blocks in Scratch can be put into a sequence to create the nursery rhyme Jack be Nimble. The children chose their own sprite from the library and added dialogue to their sprite. Children made their sprite say a short nursery rhyme, one line at a time, by snapping multiple say blocks together. They used the motion blocks so their sprite can glide across the screen in particular positions. Then the children selected and edited their own backdrop and their sprite’s costume. Once the children completed their animation they had the opportunity to peer assess their peers work. Year 3 children also became ‘Bug Fixers’. In this unit they have learnt about the different types of programming errors and how they affect programs. They were exposed to a great deal of bugs in Scratch including off by one errors in loops, performance of the circle drawing program and experimenting with the speed variable in a racing car simulator. They were able to correctly debug these problems to ensure the programs ran as intended.




In this term we became presenters. As a group we looked at different topics, which we then researched and collated the data using the Popplet app.

After this, we then planned and wrote our scripts around subheading of this topic. Next, we practiced reading our scripts until we felt confident, once we felt confident we recorded our individual parts using a green screen. Once we had recorded on the greenscreen we used the iMovie app to replace the pixels of the background to our own pictures. Finally, we added all the individual videos together to create a movie.


You can watch the full videos on Google Classroom: 

Spring Coding Workshop


Pupils had the opportunity to take part in an enriching workshop that was designed to teach the children the basics of Coding & programming of robots. It was based on the micro:bit programming device developed by the BBC. Pupils were given an introduction to the popular Microsoft MakeCode and Python programming languages.



In Year 3 pupils will become Co-Authors in their computing lessons. They will work collaboratively to make a class Wikipedia page. They will learn the skills needed to research topics on Wikipedia and will work together to create, edit and publish their own page on the website. Their class Wiki pages can be viewed by copying the link below.


Jade Class:


Emerald Class: