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Week 6 - All By Myself

This week we based our learning around the story, ‘All by myself.’ The Nursery children have been beginning to make sense of their own life stories from when they were a baby to present day. A couple of our parents kindly brought their babies in to visit the nursery. We talked about the things babies do, and how we need to take care of them because they are so young and unbale to do things for themselves. The children then discussed and identified the things they could do as a baby and compared them with the things they can do now.

The children dressed up in different uniforms and talked about what jobs people do, especially the people who help us. They then talked about what they would like to do in the future when they become grown ups.

The children honed their fine motor skills this week by weaving their very own paper baby blanket for our display. They had to follow the paper of under, over, under over to weave the paper. This task helps to improve their hand eye coordination and build up the small muscles int heir hands and wrists.

We discussed that we are big girls and boys now and can do things, “independently.” The children were encouraged and praised for ‘having a go,’ and doing things all by themselves. We celebrated and displayed lost of WOWs this week for independence!


We looked at our baby photos this week and used them to draw ourselves as babies and as children. We talked about the things we could do as a baby and the different things we can do now.


We helped baby bear to count independently using one to one correspondence (one number name for one object) and finding the cardinal value (the quantity of things it represents) by stopping at the correct number.


We shared our likes and interests in circle time. We learnt that everyone likes different things and that is what makes us unique. We discussed that we all have different talents and can share these with our friends. The children were encouraged to explain why they liked certain things using longer sentences with the word ‘because.’


The children continued to practise their cutting skill this week. They cut up pictures of babies, children and grown ups and had to stick them in the correct order. We discussed the human life cycle and what people can do at each stage of their development.