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Week 2 - Goldilocks and the Three Bears

This week we learnt about the story 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears.' We did a range of activities linked to the story.


In Maths we focused on learning about size. We learnt the words; 'big,' 'medium,' 'small,' 'biggest' and 'smallest.' We ordered the objects by size.


In Literacy we retold the story in our own words and acted it out in small groups using a story sack.

We learnt about recipes and followed the instructions to make our own porridge. We used our numbers to order the instructions and made it all by ourselves. We discussed the importance of staying healthy by washing our hands before we touch food. The best part was eating it! 

We also made 'Bear Bread' using bread, chocolate spread, bananas and raisins. We discussed the proportions of the face and where everything should go. The children used their fine motor skills to create them and really enjoyed eating it for their snack too! 


The children worked on their problem solving skills whilst making a new chair for Baby Bear. They planned out all the components of a chair they would need, such as four legs, a seat and a back. The children worked together to talk through their plan and to solve problems, such as making sure all of the legs were the same size, making sure the seat was big enough to hold bar and that the back could keep him upright.