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Royal Class

During this computing topic, children have worked as musicians to create their own composition and performance in GarageBand. Children began their learning by exploring the percussions instruments available on the app and exploring the touch instruments. Children then built a percussion sequence following a 4 beat bar which they then edited using the features they have explored.

Piano Tune- Nuriyah, Zara, Harnav, Alex.mp3

Piano Tune- Emi, Leon C, Leon S, Mayda.mp3

Piano Tune- Maria, Zayd, Mustafa, Oscar.mp3

Piano Tune- Melisa, Yusuf, Mahnoor H, Aaron.mp3

Children then progressed on to create the rhythm of 'Happy Birthday' on the piano roll. The children then edited this tune by including other instruments and vocals. 

Happy Birthday- David, Subhan, Regan, Elouise.mp3

Happy Birthday- Ioanna, Kacper, Salina, Matty-Jay.mp3

Next, the children explored how to use live loops to create a piece of electronic music. The children chose the different loops they liked and used a pre-saved beat to compose a piece of music. 

RnB- Leon S, Leon C, Emi, Mayda.mp3

RnB- Mahnoor H, Yusuf, Melisa, Aaron.mp3

RnB- Salina, Kacper, Ioanna, Matty-Jay.mp3

RnB- Zara, Harnva, Nuriyah, Alex.mp3

RnB- Zayd, Oscar, Melisa, Mustafa.mp3

RnB- David, Elouise, Regan, Subhan.mp3