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Healthy Living Days

We went caving and it was like a REAL cave! Lola - Daffodil


I really enjoyed being inside the cave. Maria Daffodil


I loved going into the ball pit. Layla FD


The cave was really cool and I liked all of it because it was so much fun. I wish I could do it all again! Viaan Daffodil 


I liked it because it had a tiny little slide by the exit and the ball pit. 

Summer 2022

It was fun and made me happy.

Toby - Nursery


I liked it because I got bumped over.

Ivie - Nursery


We went on the hamster balls. We were rolling around and bumping into people. 

Abdus - Reception


We went zorbing. We got in the balls and we tipped over.

Melody - Reception


It was fun because we got to go zorbing. I enjoyed running into Mr Beavis.

David - Year 1


I liked making friends with year 6 pupils and eating yummy pizza!

Margot - Year 1


I enjoyed zorbing because I got to test out my strength and it turns out that I am very strong!

Lily - Year 4


I loved cutting and chopping all the vegetables.

Alexia - Year 4


The Anglo Saxon stew was stew-perb!

Kevin - Year 4


I found the cricket fun because of how competitive it was.

Eman - Year 4


I liked that we did zorbing and cricket. It was really fun and good for your body. I also enjoyed making a fruit salad and being exposed to different fruit.

Giulia - Year 5


I enjoyed the zorb because we were in a big bubble and we could bash people and I enjoyed the fruit salad as I could enjoy different fruits and their taste.

Lukas  - Year 5

Spring 2022

During spring term, we welcomed local professional rugby team 'London Irish' to our school. Children across all key stages had the opportunity to train and learn new skills from professional rugby players. The children picked up a lot of new skills and got to learn the rules of a sport that they normally don't play. This has allowed the school to make close links with London Irish and we hope to welcome them back to the school soon. Following on from the rugby, we brought in a mini/crazy golf course to our school. This was a fun filled and exciting experience which allowed the children to compete against each other. This was a first time experience for a lot of children who never had the opportunity to participate in this type of activity before.

Crazy Golf was really fun. It was crazy! I was really good at it. I like crazy golf.

Dinah - Year 1


I enjoyed it. I would do it again. I liked using the club to hit the golf ball. I liked the different courses.

Nuura - Year 1


I enjoyed crazy golf because I got to try a new sport. It was an enjoyable experience.

Victoria - Year 4


I liked crazy golf because the ball goes calmly and softly into the goal.

Mahdi - Year 4


I enjoyed doing the rugby because it isn't an everyday opportunity to play with professional rugby players. Learning the rules wasn't the only thing we did, we got to play with others in our class as a team. I got to learn new skills, such as passing and spacing.

Eliza - Year 6


The crazy golf was a new experience for many students - due to the fact it has the stereotype of being a sport for old people. Usually you don't use equipment for most sports and some people may have never held a golf club and so this new experience could develop skills that could be very important. 

Raj - Year 6

Autumn 2021

During the autumn term, children had the chance to play basketball with local and professional club 'The Cavaliers'. Children across all key stages learnt a number of new skills such as passing,dribbling and had the opportunity to participate in competitive games. Children enjoyed the day that much the The Cavilers now run an afterschool club. Also during the autumn term, children had the opportunity to participate in a Bollywood dance class. This was fun filled and a very energetic class that made everyone eager to participate. It gave children across the school the chance to learn and understand about different cultures. It allowed children the opportunity to learn a dance style they wouldn't learn.

It was fun and exciting.

Sakina - Year 2


It was a fun experience which was new for me.

Nathanael - Year 2


I liked dancing to songs in another language.

Shayana - Year 2


I liked dancing because I don't normally dance and I got some exercise.

Monet - Year 4


I loved the Bollywood dancing because I learnt new skills.

Elma - Year 4


I enjoyed the basketball because it improved my skills and we went to different countries in the game.

Kevin - Year 4


I don't normally play basketball so I liked it. It was challenging!

Rio - Year 4


Bollywood dancing was a fun experience, learning about the culture and the music. It's not something you do everyday! The moves were a new way to exercise and be informed about a different culture.

Bianca - Year 6


Basketball with the Cavaliers was really fun. We practised our skills and shots and played matches against others. We loved playing packman one shot, last man standing. It was a good experience to play with a professional basketball team.

Louis and Martha - Year 6