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Heathrow Primary School, Harmondsworth Lane, Sipson, West Drayton, Middlesex, UB7 0JQ

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For the safety of all our children and staff, please do not drop off or park in front of the main school gates. Thank you.
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Heathrow Primary School

Year Four

Autumn term

In PSHE, Y4 have been discussing our feelings and relationships. These are the people in our lives whom we trust and rely on. We have been learning how best to treat these special people, particularly our friends, and how important it is to approach them when we are in need. We have also discussed how we can be reliable friends and family members for those who consider us ‘their’ special person. Going forward, we will continue learning about our feelings and emotions. We will be looking at how different people can have different feelings and responses to the same situation. We also will be using the Zones of Regulation to help us regulate our own emotions and actions.

Spring Term

Wear your Scarf to school day.

Year 4 celebrated ‘Wear your Scarf’ by exploring all the letters practically! We played games with our friends and spoke about conflicts and resolutions. Like Derek, Kikki and Harold in the story, we spoke about embracing our differences and even linked our learning to the Zones of Regulation. To develop resilience, we agreed to embrace all our fears and persevere, and we spoke about having a safe space to talk about our feelings.

 Over the Spring term, Year 4 looked at Rights and Responsibilities thinking about who helps us keep safe, how to say ‘No!’, how to make a difference and how to stay safe in numbers. We enjoyed having discussions around various scenarios, which challenged our thinking. We also did a lot of work around the Zones of Regulation to understand the importance of embracing all emotions, and channelling our energies into finding solutions to manage our feelings.

Zones of Regulation - These help children to manage their feelings.