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Heathrow Primary School, Harmondsworth Lane, Sipson, West Drayton, Middlesex, UB7 0JQ

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Year 5


This term, in French we will learn how to greet each other and hold a simple conversation. re-using familiar vocabulary and language structures in new contexts. The children will be taught to use more complex phrases and sentences through listening attentively and their spoken language. Furthermore, the children will describe themselves by mentioning their siblings, if they have any pets and their personal belongings. In addition, they will learn about what people have and have not using 3rd person avoir.


This term, in our French topic, "À l’école" (At School), we will delve into various aspects related to the academic environment. Firstly, we will explore the names of school subjects, enabling us to express our interests and preferences in this setting. Next, we will learn how to discuss our likes and dislikes concerning school activities and subjects. Furthermore, we will cover the essential skill of asking and telling the time in French, providing the ability to navigate daily schedules effectively. This knowledge will extend to discussing the timings of the school day, allowing us to express and comprehend the various segments of the academic routine. Through this, we aim to enhance our ability to communicate fluently in French within the context of the school environment.


In our French topic, "La nourriture" (Food), we will embark on a delicious journey through the language as we learn to navigate culinary conversations. First, we will discover the art of asking politely for various food items, developing the essential skills to navigate menus and engage in dining conversations gracefully. Then we will explore the intricacies of describing how to make a sandwich, honing our ability to articulate step-by-step processes in French. Moreover, we will delve into expressing opinions about food, enabling us to share our culinary preferences and engage in lively discussions about various dishes. The children will also discuss the concepts of healthy and unhealthy food. This includes the ability to articulate preferences, make informed choices, and engage in conversations about maintaining a balanced diet. Bon appétit!


In our French topic, En ville (in the city), we talked about different places in the town and asked the way and gave directions. We went through a quick revision of the alphabet song as a choral chant to refresh everyone’s memory. Then, we practiced sounds and spellings in French. Moreover, we talked about where we were going and how to get there. Our grammar focus was on using le/la/l’ correctly with places, sequencing d’abord, ensuite, enfin to say longer sentences, and giving instructions using the ‘vous’ form. We also used prepositions au/à la/à l’ with places, recognise language patterns, and deduce rules.


This term, year 5, will practice a simple conversation about holidays. Children will ask and say where they are going for holidays and what they are going to do on holidays by using familiar vocabulary and structures in new context. Moreover, they will express their opinions about holidays and talk about their holiday plans. They will make simple sentences and short texts to express their opinions. Children will also recognise similarities and differences between places.