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Week 5 - Rainbow Fish

This week we based our learning around the story ‘Rainbow Fish.’ We spent time talking about the moral of the story. The children could identify that sharing with others leads to friendships, which make us, and others happy.


We made rainbow fish shortbread biscuits. The children measured out the ingredients using cups and mixed them altogether. We were discussing which amount was more and which was less. The children rolled out the dough and used our fish cutter to shape the biscuits. The children enjoyed decorating them using blue icing and adding rainbow sprinkles. We used raisins for the eyes and they all had one sparkly scale, just like Rainbow Fish, after he had shared them with his friends.

We worked on patterns this week, continuing and creating ABAB patterns and ABCABC patterns, some of us could even do it with ABCDABCD patterns. The children used compare bears and recited the pattern to help them continue/create one. They were prompted to look back at the pattern to help identify which colour came next if they made a mistake.  

We also made our own Rainbow Fish using CDs. The children cut around the tail, fin and mouth templates for the fish. We used PVA glue to stick them and shiny gems to look like Rainbow Fish’s shimmering scales. We hung them out outside, the children have loved seeing their work on display and the CD’s shimmering when they catch the sunlight.

We learnt the new sound ‘b’ this week in our Phonics carpet sessions. The children used paint sticks to correctly form the sound by reciting the rhyme, ‘down the laces to the heal and around the toe.’