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Celebrating Reading and Writing at Heathrow Primary School

At Heathrow Primary School, we value everyone’s experiences and we strive to create a fully inclusive curriculum. It  is our vision that every child who enters our school will develop a love for reading and writing. We do this by giving children exciting, inspiring and original materials and opportunities to support and challenge them.  They are exposed to a wide and deep experience of a range of genres, text types and authors to help them develop their own creative and personal style. We truly believe this encouragement will enable them to become confident, capable, and enthusiastic learners who will develop a genuine love of reading and writing.


During the Summer term in Reception, we have been exploring plant growth and how plants can be used in our everyday life. Whilst learning about the story' The Enormous Turnip', we made our own turnip soup and created instructional writing pieces to record our recipe. We also enjoyed planting and growing potatoes, and we learnt about the parts of a potato and their function. We particularly enjoyed harvesting the potatoes and making observations about their size and growth. We used our potatoes to make a delicious potato salad and made comparisons using adjectives between a shop bought and homemade potato salad. 


In Literacy this half term, the Year One children have been busy reading stories from the same author- Julia Donaldson. They have all loved dipping in and out of different texts from ‘Room on the Broom’, ‘Super Worm’  and ‘The Gruffalo’ to ‘Paper Dolls’, ‘Gruffalo’s Child’ and ‘Stickman’. The children have thoroughly enjoyed engaging in different writing tasks- particularly when they got to change the ending. To link in with our DT lessons, they even were inspired to use their favourite Julia Donaldson characters to create their very own Moving picture.


Year 2 recited the poem, ‘If I were a superhero’ and created actions, before performing them to the rest of the class. Children in Year 2 made chocolate cakes for Bruce Bogtrotter's chocolate cate and then wrote their own recipes. 


This term in Literacy, Year 3 have been focusing their work on Roman Myths. The children have enjoyed reading a range of Roman myths, where we looked at Roman Gods, goddesses and mythical creatures. The children completed a wide range of writing. They had a choice of describing Mount Olympus or the Underworld using figurative language and powerful adjectives. The children have been developing their vocabulary and have been using this throughout their writing. They took great joy in creating a wanted poster for their chosen mythical creature using their new-found vocabulary.‚Äč


Year 4 thoroughly enjoyed studying Macbeth this term. Teachers inspired their students by dramatising the scene with the three witches upon the heath, before the children investigated a crime scene. They used their inference skills to examine clues to determine who was murdered, and the motive for the murder. Later in the term, Year 4 turned their classrooms into a courtroom, and put Macbeth and Lady Macbeth on trial. The class was split into those arguing for and against Macbeth. The children created witness statements to support their arguments, and these were presented to a panel of judges and defence lawyers, who cross examined them! Have a look at the wonderful work produced by Year 4!

Teachers dramatizing scene from Macbeth

Still image for this video


This half term, Year 5 have linked our literacy learning with our science topic of Earth and Space! We read the book 'Cosmic' and had great discussions about what it would be like to be accidentally sent to space. From this we were able to use our creativity and imagination to do some great descriptive writing. We  wrote letters from different perspectives and looked at what it means to be a persuasive writer.  To finish this topic, we used all our knowledge of space to create some amazing comic strips, which will be formed as a Year 5 Graphic novel. 


This half term, Year 6 have enjoyed creating a variety of different pieces of written work linked to our history topic of World War 2. The children studied the book ‘Goodnight Mister Tom’ by Michelle Morigan before creating their own diary entries from the view points of the different characters. Using their understanding of the evacuation, the children improvised their own role play and wrote emotive letters home to their parents. They demonstrated a fantastic use of grammar by creating a recipe for a war-time eggless sponge cake, which they baked and tasted in class!