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Week 6 - The Fish Who Could Wish

This week we based our learning around the story, ‘The Fish Who Could Wish.’ We spent time talking about the morals of the story. The children could recognise that we should be grateful for the things that we have, and that we shouldn’t try to be like everyone else, we are special in our own way. We discussed the things we are grateful for, and what we would wish for if we had one wish that would come true.


We recognised rhyming words in our story such as: ‘fish’ and ‘wish’, ‘ski’ and ‘sea,’ ‘blue’ and ‘too.’ We learnt that we focus on the sounds at the end of the word when looking at rhyme. The children were able to choose words that rhymed using rhyming picture cards.


The children practised their 2D and 3D shape recognition playing ‘Kim’s Game,’ to find the missing shape.



We practised our skills for Sports Day. The children practised throwing beanbags at targets by throwing them at the correct number. This also supported their number recognition. They also practised their balancing and leaping skills when completing our obstacle course in the outdoor area.

Outdoor Learning Day


We became ‘scientists’ on Outdoor Learning Day. We had our carpet session outside when learning about ‘floating and ‘sinking,’ using a paddling pool. The children were able to make predictions, test the objects, make observations to identify objects that floated and sank, and then evaluate whether their predictions were correct.

Dentist Visit

Sally the Dentist came to visit us to talk to us about ‘National Smile Month.’ The children had a chance to practise their toothbrushing skills on a set of teeth, making sure they reached all of the parts of the mouth. They sorted food and drink items into two groups, one that keeps our mouths healthy and one that can cause cavities if we have too much. Children learnt about ‘cavities,’ how they can occur and what we can do to avoid them.