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Week 3 - Clumsy Crab

This week we based our learning around the story ‘Clumsy Crab.’ We spent time learning the new vocabulary, ‘clumsy, clever, claw, shuffled, scuttled, squirmed, squiggled, diced, shredded,’ that appeared in our story.


The children chose their favourite sea creature and were using their observational skills to recognise the differences between their features and ours. They were able to draw them with increasing complexity. They focused on the shapes of their body and added details such as fins, claws and tentacles. The children used their phonic knowledge to identify the initial sounds, the dominant sounds, or all of the sounds in the name of their chosen sea creature and a descriptive word. Some children were able to write short phrases and sentences.


This week used our handprints to make crabs, we added googly eyes and a smile using a thin paintbrush. We then finger painted a shell to add to our hermit crabs. The children selected their colours to finger paint their shell to create a hermit crab.

The children learnt about capacity throughout the week, learning the mathematical vocabulary, ‘full, nearly full, half full, nearly empty,’ and ‘empty.’ They were able to predict and test which containers had a bigger capacity and held more water, and which containers had a smaller capacity and held less water.

They practised their fine motor and counting skills when using mittens as ‘crab claws,’ to pick up the sea creatures and count them. Some children were able to count out two sets and combine them together to find the total.

The children learnt the, ‘k’ sound this week and practised forming it in coloured sand.

We have begun to learn about pirates during our series of ‘under the sea books.’ The children tea stained their very own pirate map, ready to draw features and a route next week.

We named and discussed the properties of our 2D shapes, ‘circle,’ ‘square’, ‘rectangle,’ triangle.’ Some of us could name a ‘hexagon’ and talk about its properties.