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Week 5- Burpee Bears

All this week we have been thinking about ways we can get fit and healthy. The children have been talking about the different foods they should eat to stay healthy. We made fruit people for our healthy snack. The children selected the fruit they thought would be most appropriate for each body part by looking at the size and shapes. The best part was eating them!

This week we have been painting fruit as part of our ‘Healthy Living Days. The children were learning how to explore a range of art materials. As artists, we have selected the appropriate colours and have used our fine motor skills to create closed shapes with continuous lines to paint fruit. We looked closely at the shapes and colours when doing our observational painting and have added finer details such as pips and seeds using thinner paintbrushes. We have used a variety of techniques such as using light brushstrokes and using paint brushes to dab and create dots.


On ‘Hello Yellow Day’ the children were not only learning about keeping their bodies healthy, but also their minds. We used our ‘Zones of Regulation’ to discuss our feelings and came up with some strategies to help us get back to the green zone. Children offered up ideas such as; “giving our friend a cuddle,” “asking friends to play with us,” “give a friend a smile,” and “getting friends some water.” We taught them laughing yoga as a new strategy to boost their mood. The children followed the steps really well and all had such fun having a laugh and a giggle. They could explain that it made them feel happier, they could see their friends smiling and it made them smile too!

We talked about the things that were healthy for us and discussed our favourite fruits and vegetables, the children worked on being able to explain their reasoning by answering why questions and some of us could use the word “because,” in our sentences. The children then drew themselves with their favourite fruit, focusing on their body parts & being able to name them. They looked closely at the shape and size of the fruit and selected the appropriate colours.


The children practised forming the letters in the name in glitter.


This week we focused on hearing similarities and differences in sounds and being able to describe them.


We did some active counting this week.


The best part of the week was playing crazy golf! The children had such fun learning how to stand to the side and hold the golf club with two hands. They increased their hand eye coordination, gross motor skills and aim.