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Heathrow Primary School, Harmondsworth Lane, Sipson, West Drayton, Middlesex, UB7 0JQ

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Year 1


In this unit Year 1 will be looking at cooking and nutrition with fruit and vegetables. Children will at the end of the lessons make their own healthy smoothie. Year 1 will understand the difference between fruits and vegetables and understand that some foods typically known as vegetables are actually fruits! They will find out the difference by looking for foods with seeds and without to classify the different foods. We will investigate that fruits grow on trees or vines and vegetables can grow either above or below ground.


In the Spring Term in Design and Technology Year 1 will be learning about textiles, creating their own hand puppet as a story character. Children will be using the key skills of using a template to create a design for a puppet, cutting fabric neatly with scissors, using joining methods to decorate a puppet, sequencing steps for construction and reflecting on a finished product by explaining their likes and dislikes. As toy markers they will know what a joining technique is, know that there are various temporary methods of joining fabrics, understand different techniques and know that drawing a design ideas is useful to  see how an idea will look.



This term Year 1 will be looking at DT construction. Children will identify some features that would appeal to the client (a mouse) and create a suitable design. They shall be explaining how their design appeals to the mouse. Making stable structures, which will eventually support the turbine, out of card, tape and glue.

Make functioning turbines and axles that are assembled into the main supporting structure. By the end of the unit children should be able to reflect on their windmills.