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Week 5 - Chinese New Year

We learnt about Chinese New Year this week. We listened to the story of the animal race and then ordered the animals correctly from first to last using ordinal numbers and positional language.


The children enjoyed using the role-play masks to act out the story.

We learnt about how people celebrate Chinese New Year across the world and compared it to some other celebrations we have learnt about so far throughout the year such as birthdays, Diwali, Christmas and Eid. The children drew a picture of the different ways it is celebrated.


We counted out gold coins to put in the Chinese New Year envelopes. We had to use our one-to-one correspondence, stop at the cardinal number and match the amount to the numeral.


We learnt about length this week, focusing on the vocabulary 'long' and 'short,' 'longer' and 'shorter' and 'longest' and 'shortest'. We compared and ordered different snakes.

We made ‘blotto dragons,’ by squirting dots of paint on paper and folding it over to create a symmetrical Chinese New Year Dragon. The children were astonished with how it turned out when we opened the paper back up. We cut different materials to add features to our dragons.

The children then used these Dragons to do a Chinese New Year Dragon Dance.