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Year 5


During this topic, children explore and describe how force allows objects to fall towards the Earth. The children will investigate and identify the effects if air resistance, water resistance and friction. As well as this, children will explore how different mechanisms can allow smaller forces to have a greater effect.

Autumn 2

This term, Year 5 will be studying the properties of materials and will be able to use this to compare and group materials together. Children will expand their scientific vocabulary when describing the different materials. Children will investigate materials that will dissolve to form solutions and carry out experiments to describe how mixtures can be separated. The pupils will carry out demonstrations to explain their scientific understanding of dissolving, mixing and reversible changes of state. As well as this, children will understand the importance of carrying out fair tests and develop their scientific reasoning.


This term, Year 5 will be learning about the different stages of human development. During this topic, children will look for the pattern in gestation period and make predictions on gestation periods of different animals. Children will also observe the changes as we grow older and order the stages of human development. The children will learn about the mental and physical health of humans. In addition, they will also discuss about their own feelings and emotions and will research the ways to look after their mental and physical health.


Spring 2

This term, Year 5, will do research to explore the history of time. Children will design and create an accurate water and sand timer and understand how trial and error is an important part of the scientific process. Children will also create a sundial and explore how it works. They will use the model of the sundial to record the data accurately and present it. They will innovate and adapt the design to produce the desired effect. They will use the models of water and sand timers and explain how different time zones operate.



This term, Year 5 will use scientific vocabulary to learn about the different types of mammals. Children will build on their previous understanding of life cycles and will study the life cycles of different mammals, amphibians, insects and birds as well as discussing the changes of humans as they develop to old age. Children will use their knowledge of classification and keys to classify living things based on their characteristics. Children will work scientifically to dissect flowers and label the different parts of a flower.