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Heathrow Primary School, Harmondsworth Lane, Sipson, West Drayton, Middlesex, UB7 0JQ

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For the safety of all our children and staff, please do not drop off or park in front of the main school gates. Thank you.
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Heathrow Primary School


On behalf of Heathrow Primary School’s Governing Body welcome to our website page.  The Governing Body consists of various members who represent the ‘stakeholders’ of the school. These include parents, members of staff, the community, and the Local Authority. The aim of the Governing Body is to both support, and to challenge the school and to fulfil three main roles:


1. Provide strategic direction for the school.

2. Act as a critical friend to the school.

3. Ensure accountability and the optimum use of resources in order to properly meet the needs of all children and the staff that support them.


Governors meet several times each term, either as part of a full governing board meeting or as part of a smaller committee. They also visit the school to meet linked classes, attend celebration assemblies and special events and to discuss various matters linked to the school’s improvement plan.  All new governors are welcomed and play a vital role in ensuring that the views of parents and the local community are heard.




Trusha Dabba – Chair of Governors

I am the Chair of Governors at Heathrow Primary School. I have served as part of the Governing Body at the school for over 15 years, starting out as a Parent Governor and now as a Local Authority Governor. I truly believe the Governing Body hold a vital and strategic role in partnership with the Headteacher and the teaching staff at the school. Together, we aim to provide and facilitate the best possible outcomes for our children, enabling them to grow and succeed during this early and important time of their lives. All four of my children were pupils at Heathrow Primary School where I believe, they had the best start to their education and school lives. Three of my children have graduated from university and my youngest is studying at a local secondary school. Outside of my role supporting Heathrow Primary School, I am a qualified and practicing Dispensing Optician.  At Heathrow Primary School we are proud to be an Ofsted rated ‘Good’ school. However, we are all working hard to achieve our goal of making our school an ‘Outstanding’ school for our children.


Satinder Kaur Haylat – Co-opted Governor

I am a Computer Science graduate working for a global corporate as a European Risk Director with major financial services companies.  I also volunteer as Headteacher of an extremely successful Sunday School with 200 students from age 5 to adults.  My students continually achieve exceptional GCSE and A Level results at very young ages.  I have recently been appointed as a trustee on an educational academy board based in Berkshire and have the responsibility to help effectively govern the schools that this board is responsible for. I am sincerely passionate about all children having an outstanding education during primary school, giving them all the confidence and the skills to build on their success, as they transition from Heathrow Primary to Year 7 and beyond.  I am keen for all Heathrow students to participate in as many STEM activities as possible, opening their minds up to the art of the possible.  I look forward to working with the team at Heathrow, our students and our parents to help every child succeed.


Edyta Jakubaszek – Parent Governor

As a parent governor, I am honoured to be a part of a creative and supportive team that has chosen to build a strong school together with a hard working headteacher and dedicated staff.  Through my experience as a parent and sports trainer I realised how important it is to gain confidence in yourself in order to reach higher in life and fulfil one’s potential. I witnessed how my children, who attended Heathrow Primary School, built a strong foundation to make progress and have courage in realising their dreams. This is where all of us together take pride in these young lives.  I have been in business for many years now, running the Martial Arts Club in West Drayton and training people in fitness and bodybuilding. This experience taught me that human beings need that little support (altogether with a little push!) to achieve what they desire. That comes back to working as a team and creating ideal conditions for the growth. With  a Masters in Special Pedagogy and studying counselling at present I can grasp more understanding behind human behaviours, realising that there is always a reason behind everything. Being a Christian and teacher in Sunday School has changed my attitude towards life and other human beings. I can humbly say that true strength lies where we notice and lift up those weaker ones. I believe that it may start with one person, one idea, however in the long term it takes a good team to make a difference. And that’s what brings joy to me in giving back and being part of a governors’ team. 


Narinder Johal - Parent Governor

As a parent I am honoured to be in this role where I can contribute to excelling the schools aims, vision and ethos. I am here to support both Heathrow Primary School and our diverse community to get the best from our children's education.  Having experience working with different levels of management I feel I can raise and discuss matters from a parent’s perspective in an unbiased manner.  I am currently working as a part-time contractor at a Futures Trading Exchange.  Working part-time gives me the chance to look after my son and gives me the opportunity to invest my spare time into children’s education.  I have extensive years of experience in operations and administration within the entertainment industry and financial services.   As this is a new role for me I am looking forward to understanding the education system better and broadening my skill set.  I am passionate about bringing out the potential in each child's inner ability to learn, grow and develop their education efficiently for their future.  Being able to make a difference will give me great satisfaction. 


Masroor Alam - Parent Governor

I am an ex-eCommerce British Airways employee and now run my own financial practice specialising in residential and commercial finance. My eldest son attended Heathrow Primary School and now my twins are in their final year. I joined the Governing Board a year ago. I believe Heathrow Primary School has a lot to offer to its diverse community, from the teachers to governors, everyone is committed to delivering the best schooling for the pupils. Being an MCC playing member and now the President of the South East Cricket League I have been promoting cricket for the last 20 years keeping our youngsters off the street. My aim is to encourage young children to take up physical sports that will help them in secondary school. ​


Aideen Hand – Parent Governor

I have been a Parent Governor at Heathrow Primary School for the past year. My youngest son finished at the school this year and I believe that his time at Heathrow, as well as giving him a sense of community and belonging, has given him the best possible foundation to help him navigate through his future education and life. I believe that primary school should not only meet the academic needs of children but be a place where children learn to become good citizens of society and lay the foundation for them to be kind and caring individuals. As an Occupational Therapist, I am not only passionate that every child, regardless of their ability, should have access to a good education ,but also be given the opportunity to learn to become happy healthy individuals, both physically and emotionally. I believe Heathrow Primary is a school that offers these opportunities and as a Governor I am committed to working in a strategic role to help the school achieve its triple vision of Attitude, Achievement and Aspiration.


Asha Ubha - Co-opted Governor

I am currently a Co-opted Governor and previously served the Governing Body as a Parent Governor. Both of my children attended Heathrow Primary School and I truly believe my children have had an excellent primary foundation start to their education at this school, one child is currently at university and the other is at secondary school. My background is in banking and finance, with over 30 years’ experience. I look forward to continuing serving the school as a Governor and working as part of a team to support the ongoing development of our school to achieve an ‘outstanding’ school.


Estelle Walker – Associate Governor

My name is Estelle Walker. I have been part of the team working at Heathrow Primary School for about twelve years.  I was nominated as Parent Governor in 2010, and am still here as an associate governor. As a former pupil, growing up in Sipson I know some of the children’s parents and grandparents, which makes me feel old and proud. Although, lots of things have changed within the local community, ​Heathrow Primary School is still a big part of the village.  As ever, I am a committed team member and strive to move the school forward from strength to strength. ​


Tracey Carter – Staff Governor

For the past 15 years, Heathrow Primary School has been a big part of my life. I first volunteered as a parent helper, when my daughter started in Year 1. I came into school, once or twice a week to listen to children read. Once my son had started in reception, I was offered a temporary position as an LSA for about 6 weeks. That is where it started and I'm still here 15 years later! I am now a HLTA, as well as medical and I am also a Year 4 LSA. My role is varied and very busy, but I feel privileged to work in such a great environment and see the children working their way through the school and watch them grow and flourish into young people.  I have been a part of the Governing Body, for a long time. I started as a Parent Governor and once my children left Heathrow, I became a Staff Governor. It is a very interesting role and shows you a different view of how a school is run and the challenges that schools face every day.