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Week 4 - The Three Billy Goat's Gruff

Our story this week was 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff.' We read the story and focused on using expression for the characters speech. The children then had to identify the speech and match it to the character. They practised using a deep growly voice for the troll, a small quiet voice for Little Billy Goat, a normal voice for Middle Billy Goat and a loud voice for Big Billy Goat. The children really loved this story and enjoyed re-enacting it in our small world role-play area with the troll and the bridge and the three goats. They were using the vocabulary 'trip trap, trip trap' when the goats went over the bridge. They used good expression when pretending to be the characters.

The Billy Goats called us up and asked us to solve their problem of the broken bridge. As architects had to use our critical thinking skills to make a plan and select materials. We worked as a team to think about any issues that might arise whilst building during our planning stage. As engineers, we worked as a team to build a new bridge that would get from one side of the water to the other. We were taking turns, actively listening and building on others ideas. The Billy Goats were so impressed with our bridges!

The children created the disgusting, dirty and smelly trolls mouth using food. They used green apples for the mouth, white chocolate for the teeth and chocolate spread for all the dirt in his mouth. They used their motor skills to spread the sticky chocolate spread and place the teeth inside the mouth. Although it sounds gross, it was a delicious snack!

We learnt some new positional language this week, such as, ’on,’ ‘under,’ ‘over,’ ‘next to,’ ‘beside,’ and in between. The children followed the instruction to place the teddy in the correct place and then had to use the new vocabulary to say where I had placed the teddy.  The children used their fine motor skills to cut out shapes with the troll and the goats on, and then consolidated their positional language by following instructions using our new vocabulary to try and put them in the correct place.

We practised identifying initial sounds in words in our ‘initial sound sensory bin.’ The children had to dig around in the coloured rice to find objects, hear the initial sound and match the object to the letter.

We learnt the ‘d’ sound this week and practised forming it in glitter using the formation rhyme, ‘round the dinosaur bottom, up his tall neck and down to his feet.'

NSPCC Number Day

We celebrated NSPCC Number Day by recognising numbers in our musical numbers game, forming number roads using cars, painting over chalk numbers using water and playing The Three Billy Goats Gruff board game. We subitised, or counted the correct number of dots on the dice and then moved the correct amount of spaces.