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Week 7 - Sparks in the Sky

This week we based our learning around the story ‘Sparks in the Sky.’ The children were learning all about ‘Bonfire Night and how and why we celebrate it. The children were building up their vocabulary and were using describing words such as colours, size and onomatopoeias such as: ‘boom, ‘crash’, ‘bang, ‘fizz’, ‘pop.’


We talked about how to stay safe when around bonfires, fireworks and sparklers. The children created their own posters to remind people of the rules.

We put these rules into practice when we lit sparklers in the nursery garden. We made sure we were safe, but always standing behind the line, having one go at a time, always wearing gloves and putting the used sparkler in a bucket of cold water to cool it down.

The children made their own sparklers using tissue paper and pipe cleaners. They practised their cutting skills by cutting straight lines and then used their fine motor skills to curl the pipe cleaner around a pencil to make it curly. They were all so excited to see how they had changed it. The had fun pulling the tissue sheets apart and twirling it around in the air, just like they did with the real sparklers.

The children used fruit to make their own ‘rocket fireworks.’ They were improving their fine motor skills by accurately pushing the fruit onto the skewer. They knew to place the strawberry on top because it looks like a triangle, like the top of a rocket. We discussed the importance of washing our hands before touching food and that fruit is a healthy choice. 

In Maths we made 2D firework shape patterns and name the 2D shapes.


The children were learning about shapes this week. They made some rocket fireworks using rectangular lollypop sticks and then cut along lines to create triangles. The enjoyed cutting the tissue paper to add flames at the bottom.


In Phonics we were listening to environmental sounds linked to bonfire night, the children were able to distinguish between the different sounds and match the sounds.


We learnt a new painting technique called splatter painting. The children all had a go at creating splatter marks on our paper to be used at the backing for our display.