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Year 3



For the Autumn term, Year 3 explored the fascinating continent of North America. To start with, Year 3 learnt how to locate certain coordinates with the use of longitude and latitude. They also made use of the atlas to locate and identify the countries that belong to North America, Year 3 also went back in time to the year of 1980, and learnt about the deadliest volcanic eruption in North American history – Mount St Helens.



As geographers, the children focused on the U.K. They understand the countries that make up the U.K. The children learnt how to discern and identify the differences between physical and human geographical features of the UK. The children were able to identify the different landscapes in the UK and how humans have affected them. Furthermore, they were able to propose solutions that had a positive affect on the environment. They have discovered the industries that thrive in our nation as well as the power sources we use.