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Year 6


In this unit, children will consider the differences between what it means to have ‘faith’ and what it means to have ‘beliefs’. Throughout the topic, children will go on to find out about religious and non-religious communities around their local area. Children will look at different peoples experiences to see how their difficulties may have influenced their beliefs and children will consider how many members of religious communities are also a part of non – religious communities. Finally children will consider ways in which everyday life can make it difficult to live according to some religious beliefs and will be able to suggest ways in which they can help each other’s and themselves.



As theologists, children will be learning about the 5 Pillars of Islam. Children will learn each pillar individually.

  • Shahada – Which is the main belief of all Muslim people; it is the declaration of faith

  • Salah – Salah is the Arabic word for prayer, Muslims pray 5 times a day

  • Zakat – Zakat ul-Mal; the third Pillar of Islam highlights the importance of looking after others

  • Sawm – Sawm is the act of fasting and takes place during Ramadan

  • Hajj – Pilgrimage is a special journey to Mecca which is the holiest city in Islam