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Heathrow Primary School, Harmondsworth Lane, Sipson, West Drayton, Middlesex, UB7 0JQ

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Heathrow Primary School

Year 5

Autumn 1

In this unit, pupils plan their own simple computer game. They design characters and backgrounds, and create a working prototype, which they develop further based on feedback they receive.

Autumn 2

In this unit, the children begin by learning how the school network and the Internet work. They explore the HTML used to create websites and edit this using Chrome Developer Tools. They will plan and create their own website about online safety using Google Sites. Finally, they will add links and media to their site.


This term, children will learn how to create an interactive, nonlinear adventure game. They will make this a set of interlinked slides using hyperlinks in presentation software, where players choose their path. They will also write descriptions for their game, source images for their game, create links between the slides, add audio narration to their game, test their games and write feedback.


This term, in Year 5 computing, the children will turn into VR designers. Throughout the topic they will be experimenting with virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). Children will have to know the differences between each reality, virtual reality meaning representing the world convincingly in other media and augmented meaning superimposing a digital layer over a view of the real world. In this unit, they will look at key knowledge, skills and concepts which include, real world and imagined VR, creating 360 degree photospheres, linking physical objects to digital content using QR codes and finally be able to create their own VR scene, program the objects within it and interact with VR.