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Year 4



In History, we explored the reasons for the Anglo-Saxon invasion. The children looked at where the Angles, Saxons, Jutes came from. They investigated the push and pull factors comparing the motivation of Saxons to that of the Romans. Pupils analysed patterns of settlement using a map showing 5th century cemeteries, testing hypotheses and more able produce an hypothesis of their own. The children also learnt how the Vikings gained their reputation and understood that that it was exaggerated by the accounts written by monks. They were able to distinguish between a Saxon and Viking account of the same event, and learnt that history portrays various perspectives. Have a read of our newspaper articles to see which side of history you support! The children also understood the significance of archaeological evidence especially recent finds at Jorvik. They were able to identify which sources historians used when making statements, e.g. about trade routes and jewellery so that it was clear to see that Vikings were more than simple raiders.



Year 4 kicked off the term by travelling back in time to the land of the Ancient Egyptians, where we met many ‘phascinating’ pharaohs, explorers and palaeontologists. The children became archaeologists and investigated artefacts to hypothesise about Ancient Egyptian life. We discussed the importance of the River Nile and concluded that without it,  the Ancient Egyptian civilisation would have ceased to exist. We were treated to Rainbow Theatre’s immersive theatre production, which dramatised the thrilling and fascinating story of Moses and his fight with Pharaoh. The children thoroughly enjoyed teleporting themselves back in time to bring the story of Moses to life, to gain a better knowledge of Egyptian culture and history. We also studied artefacts to gauge what life was like during Ancient Egyptian times. We studied Egypt’s hierarchical society and investigated the jobs that women and men were likely to have.