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Year 5


This term, Year 5 will be studying South America, in particular looking at Rio and South East Brazil. Children will be learning about the location of South America and its key features (both human and physical), the location of the countries that make up South America and the contrast between Brazil and London. We will also be learning about the trade links of South East Brazil as Brazil has the seventh largest economy and is rich in natural resources such as Iron ore. They are also one of the world’s largest exporters of coffee, beef, sugar and orange juice. Finally, children will explore what the advantages and disadvantages came from hosting the 2016 Olympic games.



Throughout the Spring term, Year 5 students have enjoyed being geographers as they have looked at the topic of Earthquakes and volcanos, within in this, they have looked at the different features of each and located at the similarities of where they are located. Children enjoyed creating their own 3D replica of a volcano and labelling each part. We also recognised the importance of volcanos and what advantages they have for the local communities living in proximity with them.



Throughout the Autumn term, Year 5 students have enjoyed being geographers as they have looked at the topic of mountains, within in this, they have explored and located the world 'Seven Summits',  described key features of mountains and how they are formed whilst comparing the climates of a mountain region. Using atlases we looked at the topography of different landforms around the world.  We also recognised the importance of mountain ranges and what they do for the people that live in this region along with the economic benefits.