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Wishing all our families a restful and relaxing summer holiday. See you back on the 4th September.
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Year 3

Dear Parents


Thank you for taking the time to look at our class pages. Here you will be able to find useful links and get an insight into what your child is learning about in school.

Attached are links to your child's homework and a context web, which breaks down what your child will be learning about in each area of the curriculum.

Photos will also be posted on here, with different activities that your child has been participating in during the week.

Any letters that go out from the Year group will also appear on this page, so keep checking!

Thank you for looking and if you have any questions then please do not hesitate to discuss them with your child's teacher, or a member of our team.

Homework 2 Summer

Homework 1 Summer

Year 3 Long Term Plan 2018-2019

Autumn 2 Curriculum

Ratatastic Meal!

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We prepared and cooked the ratatouille. Miss Nayager set up the classroom to look like a restaurant. Miss Hansan and MIss Nayager were the waitresses who welcomed and served us (customers) the delicious meal. The next day, we wrote a food review based on the meal, service and entertainment.
We made a silly video to capture the customers views on the food :) Ignore Miss Nayager's poor French accent!

We made vegetarian pizzas and then wrote instructions on how to make them!

Sumo Wrestling!

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Take One Tokyo! We made Vegetarian sushi and learnt how to sumo wrestle

Book in a Jar!

A bit of Maths, English and Science!

Cavemen Art using charcoal!

In Science, we tested 3 types of soil (Clay, sandy and compost) to see which soil was most or least permeable. The children had to think about making the test fair so that our results were accurate. The things we kept the same was the amount of soil (1 level scoop), the amount of water (300ml) and the time in which it took for the water to pass through each soil type. 


We discovered to our surprise that compost actually had the least permeability instead of clay! The amount of water collected after 5 minutes was only 8ml in some cases. 


Next week, we will be learning about and making fossils, so watch this space :) 

Emerald class testing soil permeability!

Diwali Workshop! Let there be light.

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We celebrated Diwali in style with a talented West End Choreographer who taught the children traditional Indian dancing through the story of Rama and Sita!

Explosive Plot Creative Curriculum Week!

Still image for this video
We had so much fun learning about The Gunpowder Plot! We dramatized the story, did comic strips of the story, wrote acrostic poetry, debated about whether it was civil to behead the traitors and we even put music to the famous 5th of November poem!

Jade Class Assembly on Eating & Digestion

Healthy Living Day - We made our own healthy snack - Fruit Faces!

How the Digestive System works!

In Science, we are learning about the 'Digestive System'. Using biscuits, water, orange juice, tights and a cup, Emerald Class investigated how food travels from the mouth and leaves the body as waste.


First, we crushed biscuits and added to a bag (stomach).


Next, we poured water (saliva) and orange juice (acid) into the bag to show how the food breaks up within the stomach walls. We squashed the bag to imitate the stomach walls churning the food. 


After that, we poured the mixture into a pair of tights (small intestine) and squeezed the water out. The liquid that left the tights shows the nutrients entering the blood stream of the body. Anything left over in the tights was transferred into a cup (large intestine) and pushed out through a hole in the cup (anus) as waste! 


What a fun and exciting way to learn about the digestive system! Have a look at our photos to see if you can explain each part of the experiment.

In Art, we are learning about Guiseppe Arcimboldo, a 16th century artist who was well-known for his imaginative portrait heads made entirely of objects such as fruits, vegetables, flowers, fish, and books. Using the fruit and vegetables from our greenhouse, the children had a play with assembling fruit and vegetables to make a face. Over the next couple of weeks, we will attempt to paint portraits in the style of Guiseppe Arcimboldo, so watch this space!