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Week 8- Giraffe's Can't Dance

This week we based our learning around the story ‘Giraffes Can’t Dance’. We used this story alongside our SCARF PSHE scheme to talk about perseverance and resilience. We discussed ways we could make Gerald feel better, so that he didn’t give up. The children came up with ideas such as, “Keep going!” “Be brave!” “Don’t give up!” “Keep trying!” “Cheering them on like calling their name (chanting their name to offer encouragement.” We also discussed some of the things we find a bit tricky. We talked about the things we could do to get better at them to find them easier. “Practise and you’ll get better.” We also talked about challenging ourselves to do things that are hard to help us get better at lots of things.


We printed 4 fingers, our hand and our arm to make a giraffe shape and then finger painted brown spots to make our own ‘Gerald the Giraffe’. We added them our safari roleplay area.

We played lots of phonics games to help our sound recognition, initial sounds and oral blending.


We played a pairs game to match jungle animal skin. This supported us in learning what the word pair means. It helped to develop our turn takin and our working memory. We compared who has the most pairs and who had the least pairs to decide the winner. We practised winning and losing graciously.  

We continued our transition visits to Reception to begin to prepare us for the changes next year.


Father’s Day

We talked about Father’s Day, why we celebrate it and how we can make the special males in our lives such as dads, grandads and uncles feel loved and appreciated. The children could say they were going to, “make a card,” “make a cake,” and “get Daddy a present.” The children enjoyed cutting out the ties and collar on the shirt for their Father’s Day card. They selected how they would like to decorate it, using fabric or tissue paper collage and the pattern they would like to use. They wrote their names inside the cards.

The Dads came in or a special Father’s Day visit. The children sang their song for Daddies and present them with their card. They had a wonderful time showing their Dads around the nursery and playing football, bowling, darts, painting, reading and colouring with them. We even has a few tea parties in the sand kitchen!