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School returns on Tuesday 20th February 2024
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Year 1


As Historians, the children explored learning about the sinking of the Titanic. Children learnt about what life was like aboard the Titanic, why the ship sank and how it could have been stopped. Children will be taking on the role of a historian and learning about all aspects of the topic from a wide variety of historical sources to build their understanding.


In this topic you are going to find out about three of the most famous queens that each ruled this country for a very long time. One lived nearly 500 years ago and one died very recently, so you will see how life has changed a lot over the centuries. The first of our queens, Elizabeth I, who never married or had children, was the most powerful and since then control over the country passed much more to parliament. Each queen had a very different personality but they were all popular and did their best for their people. Queen Elizabeth I fought off an invasion, Queen Victoria saw Britain become the most powerful country in the world and Queen Elizabeth II managed to hold the country together at a time of major change in which Britain became less important in the world.