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School starts again on Monday 15th April for all children.
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Week 10 & 11- Easter & Eid

This week we based our learning around the celebrations Easter and Eid. The children started off the week by learning about the Easter story all about how some people believe that Jesus died on the cross and then rose again on the third day. The children used their cutting skills to sequence and retell the story.


We learnt about how Christians celebrate Easter by going to mass in a church, having family dinners, eating Easter eggs and hot cross buns.


The children used handprints to make an Easter Bunny for their Easter cards. They then use cotton buds to add details to the face.

We used our fine motor skills to roll kitchen towels and fold them to make our own miniature rabbit.

The children made ‘eggs in nests,’ by crushing up shredded wheat, melting the chocolate in the microwave and mixing it together. We discussed why we have the symbol of eggs for Easter, talked about the process of the chocolate changing from a solid to a liquid when we heat it and we counting out our eggs stopping  at the cardinal number.

The children cut out large Easter eggs, painted individual sections with PVA glue and sprinkled the glitter over them to decorate eggs. This supported their fine motor skills as they tried hard to carefully focus to stay within the lines.

We made baskets to collect our eggs on our Easter egg hunt. The children cut out the template, selected 5 eggs. They wrote formed the numbers correctly on the eggs and then stuck them in the corresponding order.

We read the story ‘We’re Going on an Egg Hunt.’ And enjoyed looking behind the flaps to find and count the eggs. The children were so excited to realise that the Easter Bunny had been to visit Nursery and had left them some eggs. They used their observational skills to hunt for the eggs and place them in the basket they had made earlier in the week.  

We learnt about the celebration of Eid which will also take place in the school holidays. We learnt about how people celebrate Eid and we were able to compare this to other religious celebrations we have learnt about. The children learnt about what Muslims do during Ramadan, how they decorate their houses, go to the Mosque on Eid to pray and have family feasts. The children enjoyed making their own Eid cards. Some of the children used their find motor draw mehndi patterns on hands.

The children learnt the ‘g’ sound. They learnt to say the sound, identify it visually, and from it correctly. They were also hearing the initial ‘g’ sound in words and oral blending ‘g’ words.

Healthy Living Days

As part of our ‘Healthy Living Days’ and our PSHE curriculum, the children were looking at healthy foods and foods that less healthy and should be eaten in moderation. We also used glitter to help us realise how important it is to wash our hands as when we touch things the germs on there can easily transfer to our hands and won’t come off properly until we wash them with soap.

The children enjoyed prastising their foot-eye coordination and balance skills when taking part in foot golf. They had to kick the ball into the goal, dribble to ball around obstacle courses to get to the final hole, see the least amount of kicks it took them to get the ball into the hole and many more activities.