Heathrow Primary School

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Heathrow Primary School, Harmondsworth Lane, Sipson, West Drayton, Middlesex, UB7 0JQ

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Daffodil Class assembly Friday 26th January at 9am.
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Heathrow Primary School

Who's Who

Welcome to our school from all the staff.

Headteacher - Mr S Giles


Deputy Headteachers - Mrs A Hayer (Assessment Lead, Year 6 Lead)

                                        Mrs A Lee (Safeguarding Lead, Teaching & Learning Lead)


Assistant Headteachers - Mrs N Gill (Curriculum Lead, Literacy lead, Year 2/3 Phase Leader)

                                            Miss J Middleton (SENDCO)


Inclusion Teacher

Mrs F Davenport




Miss S Bishop - Teacher

Mrs E Walker - Nursery LSA

Mrs A Jahan - Nursery LSA 



Mrs E Caton - Poppy Class Teacher (EYFS and Year 1 Lead)

Mrs J Torr - Poppy Class LSA

Miss P Orr - Rose Class Teacher

Mrs A Scragg - Rose Class LSA


Key Stage 1

Year 1

Miss C Merrett - Amber Class Teacher

Mrs K Grimwade- Amber Class LSA (HLTA)

Miss A-M Tilly - Saffron Class Teacher

Mrs C Baker - Saffron Class LSA


Year 2

Mrs N Gill - Gold Class Teachers

Mrs K Jenkins - Gold Class LSA

Mrs T Sinfield - Gold Class 1:1 LSA

Miss S Vancuylenberg - Daffodil Class Teacher

Mrs G Taplin - Daffodil Class LSA


Key Stage 2

Year 3

Miss S Amjadi - Emerald Class Teacher

Mrs K Hanson - Emerald Class LSA

Mrs D Watson - Emerald Class 1:1 LSA

Mrs K Uppal - Jade Class Teacher

Mrs K Gaines - Jade Class LSA


Year 4

Mrs C McFaul - Royal Class Teacher

Mrs A Hall - Royal Class LSA 

Miss S Goodman - Sapphire Class Teacher 

Mrs S Moore - Sapphire Class LSA (am only)


Year 5

Miss C Kirk -  Amethyst Class Teacher

Mrs T Carter - Amethyst Class LSA (HLTA, Medical)

Miss A Powell - Indigo Class Teacher

Mrs E Concalves - Indigo Class LSA 

Miss S Juett - 1:1 LSA

Mr C Kane - 1:1 LSA

Mrs S Johnston - 1:1 (Mon - Wed)

Mrs S Edwards - 1:1 (Mon - Thur, Fri)


Year 6

Miss V Moody - Magenta Class Teacher (Year 4 & 5 Phase Leader)

Mrs L Sallons - Magenta Class LSA 

Mrs K Moore -  1:1 LSA

Mrs K Miah - Violet Class Teacher

Mrs T Ryan - Violet Class LSA


Cover Teachers

Mrs G Phaure - 2 days


Sports Coach

Mr C Grant



Ms C Jolley - Business Manager

Mrs S Baker - Office manager

Mrs M Caitlin - Office Assistant/Attendance Officer


Site Manager - Mr S Williams